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The opposite of fear is not courage, it is gratitude.

Ryan Surratt
Ryan Surratt The Actor’s Coach
$90 per hour - w/Taping $135 per hour
$900 per script (4 days & around 10 pages of notes)
Coaching $250 per hour (blocks of 10 at $200 per hour)
On Set Coaching $350 per hour (discounted weekly rate)
Entire Film from $3000 (rates differ for Independent vs Studio)
Creative Session $250 per hour (blocks of 10 at $200 per hour)
Following a decade of work in front of the camera, Ryan Surratt realized his true passion as a writer and director. He is currently in pre-production for his feature film Fatherland being produced by Sneak Preview Entertainment (500 days of Summer, MGM’s Valley Girl). As an Actor he trained under such fantastic teachers such as Larry Moss, Nancy Banks, Howard Fine, John Markland, Michael Woolson, Barbara Gannen, Judith Weston and many others. He holds dual degrees from the University of Southern California schools of Film and Business. He began his studies in the art of storytelling at the age of 14 at the acclaimed South Orange County School of the Arts. Surratt has worked with hundred of actors from talented novices to established professionals with successful careers.
818-971-9820 Available In person or via
An Actor must always be honing his craft. Like a sculptor, her tools must be sharp and her vision must be focused. Each new script and role presents new challenges in bringing a character to life. My approach focuses on tuning and guiding the actor through mental relaxation, script analysis and concrete technique. My job is to eliminate your fear by strengthening your abilities and emboldening your craft so that you can serve the character with confidence and freedom. My goal is make you so prepared, so ready, so free, that creating a character isn’t a burden, but a joy.
“Ryan pushes me to completely investigate every role. He inspires me, guiding my hand, giving me the confidence to dive deep into myself to bring the characters I play to life.” - Ben Youcef (X-Men: Apocalypse, Munich, Hawaii Five-O, Mayans M.C.)
“Ryan helped me to breakdown the script for the pilot episode of Suits. He has a real ability to extract the meaning from the story that lays hidden beneath the surface; this is exactly what an actors needs when they breathe life into a character for the first time.” - Patrick Adams (Suits, Orphan Black)
“Ryan helps you trust your instincts while examining and expanding on your choices until you feel they are the best ones for the project. I’ve gained confidence, improved my technique, and added so many layers to my acting with his coaching” - Troian Bellisario (Pretty Little Liars, Where'd You Go, Bernadette)
“Passionate, truthful, unpretentious and wicked smart, Surratt has an innate understanding of how the script and the role must be in harmony. He always helps me find the key to unlock the character.” - Chad Donella (Taken, Blindspot, Scandal)
Ryan has been instrumental in helping me create characters that are truly alive. Whether it’s getting ready for an audition or preparing for a booked role I know I can trust him to guide me to make choices that fulfill me artistically while serving the story. - Josh Zuckerman (Big Bang Theory, 90210, Sex Drive, Desperate Housewives)
“Ryan is a fantastic coach who helps me develop characters that are truly alive and the serve the deeper story that the writer and director are telling” - Beau Mirchoff (Now Apocalypse, Awkward, Flatliners, The Fosters, Good Trouble)